Employee Wellbeing at The School of Life

The School of Life provides a range of different products and services designed to improve self-knowledge and create space for contemplation.

We can provide these products and services to employees of your organisation in a number of ways including bespoke gift packs and gift vouchers that can be spent on event tickets or in our shop.


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The School of Life Employee Wellbeing

What We Do

Wellbeing is about more than being well rested or well taken care of. At The School of Life, we believe it concerns the flourishing of human potential; setting about your day with a firm sense of what matters and why.

Organisations which promote wellbeing ensure that their team has the emotional resources to enjoy their work and realise their full potential.

What We Offer

Staff Vouchers

Whether as a means of saying thank you or to ensure your team enjoy a chance to reflect and practise self-care, our gift vouchers can be purchased for either books and products in our online shop, or for classes and events on our public calendar. Contact us to find out more.

Books and Products

Available to purchase for your employees, our books and gift sets allow recipients to carry on the process of exploration at their leisure.


Enable your staff to attend our classes on a diverse range of themes, from self-knowledge to relationships and culture. 


The Employee Wellbeing Gift Set

This gift set brings together tools which allow team members to investigate their motivations and think, in gloriously open-ended fashion, about the broader questions which surround work. ‘Self Knowledge’ and ‘Who Am I?’ are designed to get us asking questions about what we want and why our outlook on life has been shaped in certain ways. The ‘Table Talk’ and ‘100 Questions’ cards allow us to spark meaningful discussions and think about familiar issues in fresh, eye-opening ways.

Price: £50.00

The School of Life Employee Wellbeing

Our Most Popular Products

15 Minute Timer

An elegant hourglass sand timer to remind us to carve out 15 minutes a day for what truly counts.

The Emotionally Intelligent Office

Introducing twenty core emotional skills that can help businesses and individuals to flourish.

100 Questions Card Sets

A set of beautiful cards filled with questions designed to encourage entertaining and meaningful conversations.